Barcelona Surf Festival

After 5 years celebrating the Barcelona Surf Film Festival, the company wanted to make a new big step, and it became the Barcelona Surf Festival. This new edition bet on the surf experience in all its fullness, incorporating proposals such as surf market, concerts, workshops, exhibitions, conferences for professionals, workshops, shaping room and, of course, the projection of surf films. They contacted us to design the corporate image and website of the new festival, which is focused to a wider audience: the surf experts, those who have just started or those who admire this sport. The goal of the new brand was to remain atemporal through the years, a brand that could support a wide range of events.

We also designed the brand campaign for the 6th edition, an annual meeting point for surf lovers with music, movies, talks, surf markets, workshops and shapping rooms.

The festival took place on May 2019 in the beach from La Barceloneta, with the support of SEAT as the official sponsor. On the main stage they had concerts and live sessions from artists such as the DJ Pau Roca, Soren Mazoni, or the singer Lee-Ann Curren.

What we did:

Corporate identity - Brand campaign - Website design

We worked with other professionals such as Chechu Pajares for the videos, and the photographers Alexandru Costin and Cuchifrita.

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